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Roofline – What exactly do we mean by Roofline?


Roofline is used to describe the fascia, soffits, bargeboards, antefixes and cladding that forms the front part of the roof / house immediately below the roof and the eaves of your property. For many years these were traditionally made from wood.  You may also see a variety of different materials, including plastic, such as polyvinyl chloride.    Many people are now tending to go for UPVC as they are long lasting and need little maintenance compared to other materials

uPVC Fascias & Soffits

Fascias are the horizontal boards that run along the lower edge of the roof.   A Fascia board enables the roof to fasten the gutters  as well as giving an extra level of support to the last row of tiles on the roof and help give protection from  the weather

Soffits are fixed underneath, covering the eaves to shield your home from the weather.

uPVC Guttering & Downpipes

Gutters and Downpipes are used for the water running of the roof  to be collected and delivered directly to the drain.  The reason is to make sure the water doesn’t reach any areas of your house that could cause issues like damp – or even worse, if water finds its way into gaps or cracks it could cause structural damage if left un repaired.

A good working gutter and downpipe will also ensure you don’t get those really annoying drip drip drip sounds as rainwater drips onto your window ledges or the floor which can keep you up at night!

example-of-a-bargeboard-from-wareing-and-mckennaWhat are bargeboards on a house?

This is the board that is used on the gable end of a house.  Its purpose as well as to protect the end of your property its give your house the right look and finish.    A well maintained and attractive bargeboard will go down well if you are considering renting out or selling your property.

Whats next?

If you need any advice or help with your Roofline, then our team of experienced roofers will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

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