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Roofers Wallasey – Review

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Claire and Martin – Looking for Roofers Wallasey

New Roof Installation – After the storms earlier this year, we had some repairs done on our roof. We are now getting a full roof replacement done. We are so pleased to choose Wareing & Mckenna for our new roof installation. They have been amazing. The quality is really good and we would recommend them to anyone looking for Roofers in Wallasey

Ray Aliston – Looking for Roofers Contractors in Wallasey

A friend of ours who lives on Northcote Rd, in Wallasey recommended Wareing & Mckenna Roofing as a good choice to use to get our roof repairs done. We dont really know any roofing contractors in Wallasey or the Wirral for that matter. So we were really pleased when Paul from Wareing & Mckenna came over to give us a quote to repair our leaking roof.

Paul saw the issue right away. This led to him recommending to us to get not just the roof repaired but get the fascias and gutters replaced. Because they were damaged, it was causing issues with the roof iteself and the tiles were coming lose.

What really gives us confidence is their promise that you only pay once the work is complete. We didnt have to pay any deposit at all. Everyone else wanted either deposits or all the money up front. Great Work Paul and your team. So glad we chose to go with your quote. If you are looking for local roofing companies you can trust and searching the web for Roofers Wallasey, then definately use Wareing & Mckenna

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